"Miami's favorite jazz pianist. A resident jazz master of the piano" John Eldright, The Miami Herald

"...A Virtuoso... Marcus makes his piano jump with rhapsodic riffs, tinkling tunes and gargantuan energy- A virtuoso whose variatons at the keyboard both support his group's artistry - and provide solo brilliance." -Sam Hirsch. Critic at Large

"...Full Chords and Flowing Melodies... Marcus is a whiz on the keyboards. Playing with astounding skill and a look of fierce determination.He play his instrument like an extension of himself, and is so adept with full chords and flowing melodies, that he often sounds like two keyboard players at once." -Linda Thornton, Coral Gables Sun Reporter

"...Driving Power and a Sense of True Jazz...Billy Marcus is an extremely talented master of the keyboard who can, and often does, display the driving power and sense of true jazz."


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